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скачать Driver Booster PRO бесплатно версия 7.0.2

The Driver Booster program is a great tool for updating drivers. This free product will scan Windows for outdated drivers and prompt the user to update them. Updating does not take much time and, as a result, makes working with the program very, very pleasant. Its interface is simple and clear, even an absolute beginner in the PC will understand it.
By the way, the program was created by IObit, which has already proved to be a very bright and positive side. Its products have always been known for their reliability and ease of operation. In General, Driver Booster is not just a tool for updating drivers. It can also make backups and create system restore points to undo all unfriendly changes. By the way, you can restore the system directly from the program window, and this is another plus. After all, you do not always want to restore Windows through the Control Panel.
I would like to note another feature of this product-speed in operation. Downloading and updating drivers is very fast, which is very surprising considering that the product is completely free. Basically, users complain that programs of this kind are slow to do their job, they say sometimes six hours waiting for the update of three drivers. Yes, that's actually true.
For the most part, free driver update products do not have the proper functionality and speed. But not Driver Booster. This program can be called something special, unusual, because five drivers, among which the size of at least 200 MB, it updates in 15 minutes! This is truly fantastic. This as well as other programs for Windows settings are simply mandatory for each user of this OS.
I would also like to elaborate on the possibility of extracting from a backup of the previous version of the driver, if the new one does not work properly. As a rule, free analogues do not provide such an opportunity, and among paid programs you will not always find one. Driver Booster remembers every old version of any driver that is updated and, if anything, will easily restore it.
In General, this software is an indispensable tool in updating drivers and should be absolutely all PC users. Simplicity, functionality, ease of use-there is everything you need. Great product, besides, as mentioned above, completely free.